Patchouli Propagation Method
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Carolyn Lewis
Posted on: July 28, 1998

I am pleased to let you know the potted patchouli plant I received from you is flourishing and has outgrown its container.

What do you recommend as the best method for propagating this plant?

Deni Bown in her book "Encyclopedia of Herbs & their Uses" (Catalogue #B2730) recommends green wood cuttings with a heel taken in late spring or by division in spring or autumn. The plant is also grown from seeds, but you will find that cuttings are easier because the plant only sporadically sets seeds and the seeds are slow to germinate and develop. If you need help with the various methods of propagation, you might wish to purchase the book "Growing Herbs from Seed, Cutting & Root" by DeBaggio (Catalogue # B4280).

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