Chamomile Turning Yellow
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Rose Letherby
Posted on: July 28, 1998

I live in zone five (Toledo, OH). My chamomile, which was first planted in the spring of 1997, was growing nicely until about two weeks ago (the end of June). It is turning yellow at the bottom of the plant and flower production has ceased. Is this typical for second year growth or am I doing something wrong? (It grows in somewhat sandy soil and is well watered).

I presume your plant is some variety of Chamaemelum nobile, the roman chamomile that tends to creep. These plants do best in a climate similar to that of England. If your summer is as unusually hot and dry as ours, then the plants may be getting cooked from the hot reflections of heat from the soil. Try mulching the plants with a light coloured material such as straw, to keep the soil cooler and more evenly moist.

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