Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: William Aronstein
Posted on: July 29, 1998

The two Turbina (Rivea) corymbosa plants which I had outside in the garden last summer, and overwintered in pots indoors, were transplanted outside in April. They have entirely covered their arbor trellis and continue to grow vigorously. I am even inclined to try them at overwintering outdoors this winter. However, they are not flowering. Would a change in feeding them help? When do they flower in their home range?

We do not have information on their flowering pattern in their native habitat (Oaxaca, Mexico). We are assuming that full sun and a high phosphorus fertilizer is what is needed to spur on flowering. We don’t know for sure because no one has studied the life cycle of this plant; most the research work done on it has had to do with the ethnobotany, phtyochemistry and pharmacology of this plant.

The Vietnamese mint overwintered quite well here in Atlanta. I thought I had dug it all up to bring inside, but runners must have been left behind, for it sprouted back up and has flourished. This despite an early autumn freeze and a late Spring cold snap to below 18 degrees F.

Thanks for providing some lovely and excellent plants.

Thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear about the mint. We do not have many reports of its hardiness range so your comment is very useful to us.

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