Sacred Bo Tree Growth Rate
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Justin
Posted on: August 4, 1998

Does the sacred bo tree grow fast? What can I do to make it grow faster?

In our greenhouses the bo tree grows much like bay laurel. This means that it grows very little during the first year after germinating, but after that it starts to take off. It may have two growth spurts per year and grow 15 to 30 centimeters (6 to 12 inches) per growth spurt.

To make sure it grows as fast as possible watch the bottom of the pot and pot the plant on into the next bigger size as soon as some roots start coming out of the bottom of the pot. Do not disturb the roots to avoid a setback. Use a well-draining fertile soil to fill in around the rootball in the new pot.

At all times try to give the plant optimal growing conditions to encourage rapid growth. This means keep it evenly moist, but not soggy, fertilize lightly about once a week when the plant is growing, and supply good light and some air movement. Drop the night temperature about five Celsius degrees below the day temperature and keep the day temperature above twenty-two degrees Celsius. Avoid sudden changes in any of the environmental factors.

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