Hardiness Zones
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Melanie Merz
Posted on: August 17, 1998

I’ve received your catalogue in the past and look forward to getting it again but I’m wondering if you can help me. Does Canada have hardiness zones as we do in the States? If you do, are they the same? Your country has many beautiful arboreta and I’m wondering if I can grow the same things here in Minnesota. Also, do you know if the UK has hardiness zones?

Canada uses the same hardyness zones as the USA. You can find them on the inside covers of Hortus Third as well as many catalogues. Minnesota is zones 3 to 4 and you can not winter all of the plants we describe as hardy (perennial) in our catalogue because we reference everything to our zone 4 to 5 growing conditions.

The UK and Europe also have hardiness zones worked out, but we do not have them available and I can’t recall where I have seen them drawn. European seed and plant catalogues would probably be the best place to look. Try your biggest reference library.

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