Bay Laurel Not Growing
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Becky Hasselbring
Posted on: September 8, 1998

I have a bay laurel plant that i got in late spring, mail order, but it has not grown a single leaf. It is in the basement under a grow light with several other plants that are doing fine, citrus (3) and one banana.

what am I doing wrong?

Bay laurel tends to grow in spurts, mostly in the spring. If the light is not adequate or the plant is root-bound or the plant is overwatered, the plant may miss the spring spurt of growth.

It seems that your plant is not getting enough light. Bay laurel needs more light than banana and the citrus trees. You should consider moving it to a brighter location, possibly in a window with a supplement of artificial light. During the summer move it outdoors.

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