Licorice Flag (Acorus gramineus) Hardiness
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Mary Michaud
Posted on: September 11, 1998

I have purchased a Licorice flag from your company and would like to know if it will survive the winter in Ottawa or should I take it inside and keep it the sunroom (eastern exposure) which doesn’t get much heat in the winter.

Licorice flag is so new to cultivation in North America that we do not know its hardiness, except in a very limited way. We do know that it is hardy on the west coast of the United States, and we are told by growers that it should be hardy in zone 5 although we have not tested outdoors yet. Whether it would be hardy in your zone 4, we simply have no data.

We suggest that you divide off a portion of your licorice flag clump, leaving the larger portion undisturbed in the ground and potting up the smaller portion for indoors. The plant grows well in pots so you should be able to get your plant to survive indoors easily.

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