Vietnamese Coriander Indoors
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [name not given]
Posted on: September 27, 1998

Any advice or special tips for growing rau ram indoors?

Rau ram or vietnamese coriander is very easy to grow. It needs rich soil, well-drained, plenty of water, and good light. The main problems in growing it indoors is a lack of light and pests. It needs at least four hours of direct sun daily, preferably more. And it needs to be protected from spider mites and whiteflies. These pests can be controlled and eliminated by dipping the above-ground parts of the plant in Safer’s insecticidal soap three times a week when infestations occur, or once or twice a month when no infestations are obvious.

As the plant is a fast grower, it will benefit from occasional transplanting into fresh soil in larger pots.

Leaves may be harvested anytime when the plant is four inches or higher and is showing signs of active growth. Do not harvest excessively when growth is slow during the dark winter months.

Supplementary light from flourescent or incandescent grow lights is always helpful for herbs in winter. We like to set herbs in the brightest window and position artificial light over the plants to increase the day length and, if necessary, increase light intensity during the darkest days of winter.

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