Rosemary with White Fuzz
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Eileen Dague
Posted on: November 24, 1998

Can I get information on controlling a white fuzz that I get on my rosemary in the winter? Baking soda hasn’t been very helpful.

The white fuzz might be mealy bugs or their egg masses. To control a small number, wet a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and wipe them off. After you have taken off all you can spot, spray the plant with pyrethrum soap spray. If you wish you can order it from Richters catalogue under #T2212.

If by fuzz you really mean a whitish crusty deposit on the leaves, it might be a sign that the roots of the plant can’t keep up with the moisture requirements of the plant and the plant is drying out. As it shrivels, the waxy layer over the leaves partially spalds off, resulting in a powdery white deposit on the leaves. Usually the plant is on its way to its maker by the time it looks like that! Make sure that you do not let rosemary dry out when you bring it from the moist cool outside to the dry warm house climate. It will take time for the roots to adjust to the different conditions.

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