Tea Tree
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Dorothea
Posted on: November 24, 1998

I visited your booth at the Wye Marsh Festival near Midland in Sept./98 and purchased several plants. One was a tea tree. I do pinch it back to keep it from becoming leggy and keep it in a west window and it seems ok but not as happy as my other plants living there.. I understand that in Australia they prefer swampy locations. Is there a potting mixture I could mix up that it would like better than my ordinary potting soil?

I grow tea tree myself and found it did very well in pro-mix BX (coarse) and kept rather wet in a plastic pot. I kept it on the south side of the house over the summer and now have it in a very bright but cool north window for the winter. It has stopped growing but looks happy enough. I expect it will start growing in the spring as the days lengthen.

The porous mix ensures the roots get plenty of air while its peat base keeps moisture easily.

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