Basil Culture Indoors
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Scotty Gottlob
Posted on: December 8, 1998

I have requested a catalogue and would like to have any additional information on growing basil indoors during the winter months.

Basils are high light and warm temperature plants. Therefore to have them grow well in the house over the winter, they should be placed in an unobstructed south window or under a double light flourescent light fixture, close to the tubes.

For indoor culture the compact basils such as bush, purple bush, spicy globe, green globe, and compatto Genovese basils are the best choice. These varieties are all available from Richters and are easy to grow from seed. Our seed packets have sowing instructions on them and as long as you keep the plants above 10 Celsius degrees they will grow well for you.

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