Neem Tree Seeds
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: J Douglas Jameson
Posted on: December 15, 1998

I understand that I my obtain a package of neem tree seeds from you.

I am interested in planting a few around my house, and would appreciate it, if you could tell me what I should do to achieve this end.

Neem is a tropical tree and unless your winters are such that only a few degrees of frost will occur during the coldest part ( such as in the southern coastal areas of the USA), you will have to grow the trees in pots and overwinter them indoors.

The trees need very well-drained soil and sun. Planting them close to the house would allow you to grow them outdoors a little further out of its range by using the heat loss of the house to reduce freezing temperature periods.

To grow the plants from seed, soak the seeds in warm water for four hours as soon as you receive them. Then plant in a flat of sterilized well-draining medium, taking care to just barely cover the seeds with soil. Keep the flat moist and warm but not soggy. The seeds should germinate in 21 to 25 days and can be transplanted to individual pots. After about a year or two the plants would be large enough to be planted into their permanent positions in almost frost free climates.

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