Best Medicinal Herbs to Grow
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Kitty Burkheimer
Posted on: January 16, 1999

I want to order medicinal herbs. What I’m looking for is those which provide the most help to maintain health and healing. Since I’m not rich, I can’t order everything. Which are the best herbs to grow? I’m want to buy about 20 different types of seeds.

There are thousands of medicinal herbs, but, of course, many are not suitable for growing in the garden or in the home, or cannot be grown from seeds.

We offer a collection of medicinal herb seeds that could serve as a start. The Richters "Home Medicine Chest" Healing Herb Garden (Catalogue No. S7525) contains seed packets of cayenne, comfrey, valerian and calendula. These four are suitable for growing in most gardens in temperate regions.

To this list, you could grow the following from seeds in your garden and reasonably expect to get a harvest in the first, second or third years: feverfew, St. Johnswort, catnip, ashwaghanda, burdock, chamomile, red clover, dong quai, echinacea, sweet fennel, chinese milkvetch, menthol mint, motherwort, stinging nettle, baikal scullcap, blue vervain, and yarrow.

Included in this list are herbs with a wide variety if medicinal properties and uses, including anti-depressant (St. Johnswort), immune-stimulants (echiancea, milkvetch), sedatives (valerian, scullcap), anti-tumour (burdock, red clover), tonic (ashwaghanda), wound healing (comfrey), etc. For more information on these herbs and there properties, check our online catalogue.

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