Hops in Australia
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Laurence O’ Donnell
Posted on: January 17, 1999

Could you please tell me why large quantities of hops seed are not available and why seed of the various varieties is not on offer either.

Commercial varieties of hops are sterile female plants and do not set seed. Since the female cone-like inflorescences are what is harvested, maximizing flower production is one of the aims of hybridizers. Since seed production drains a plant’s strength it is selected against in a crop that wants only the flowers while the desirable plants are reproduced by cuttings.

Since there is no commercial production of fertile plants, we can only get seed from small producers that grow the plants to cover some structure and only as an added bonus harvest some of the flowers for medicinal purposes.

The area where I am is probably a good one for hops and so I wonder if you can give me detailed information about the various varieties you have.

If you have a fenced area in a moist, but rich soil, hops will do well for you.

We have five named varieties with each one used for different types of beers. As described in our catalogue the different cultivars produce different flavours, aromas and acidity. The mildest are ‘Hallertauer’ and ‘Mount Hood’and are used in German lager beer. ‘Cascade’ and ‘Willamette’ are of medium acidity and are used in orinary beers. ‘Nugget" has the strongest flavour and the highest acidity and is used for stouts and ales.

Will you export live plants to me in Australia given that all the relevant matters are paid for and taken care of by me.

You will have to find out from your Department of Agriculture if Australia allows live hop plants to be imported and if yes obtain an import permit. Send the import permit with your order and we will obtain the phytosanitary certificate that is sure to be required. We will ask you to pay $2 per plant to bare-root the plants as well as for the cost of the certificate plus air charges, the latter two items at cost.

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