Growing Garlic in Containers
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Eleanor McDonald
Posted on: January 17, 1999

I note in the catalogue that Garlic may be planted in the Fall. I plant exclusively in large 1/2 barrels which are in a very exposed situation, and freeze SOLID all winter. Can garlic be planted and survive in this situation?

Garlic is hardy in zones 4 to 9 if planted in the soil. In general when planted in containers plants will be hardy to two zones less than in the soil. In other words garlic can be container grown in zones 6 to 9. Even in those zones it is best to pack the containers in straw for zone 6 winters and shade the barrel in zone 9 during the hottest part of summer.

For colder zones, you could start the garlic indoors in pots and transplant into your barrels after all danger of frost is over. This way you can get the long season required to grow good big bulbs. Use rich sandy soil, a mulch to prevent drying out and fertilize with manure tea until June.

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