Seeking Herbal Mentor in St Louis
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Nancy B. Klebe
Posted on: January 18, 1999

I have recently moved to the St. Louis area and am searching for a herbal mentor. I would like to have someone that I could talk with on-line who is familiar with our area and has experience with growing a wide variety of herbs. I like culinary, medicinal, soap & any other uses except New Age. Can you direct me?

Sorry to take so long to answer.

We do not know anybody in your area that could fill this role for you.

Have you tried to connect with people in the newsgroups (e.g. alt.folklore.herbs) or the special herb-related forums on AOL and Compuserve?

You could also try the HERB list, a list of 800+ herb enthusiasts. To get on the HERB list, send the following message to :

SUB HERB <your name here without the angle brackets> END

You could also contact the Herb Society of America in Kirtland, Ohio, for information on how to contact the local chapter. No doubt there is someone in the HSA who would be happy to be your online mentor.

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