Stevia, How to Care for It
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Carol Gilmour
Posted on: February 8, 1999

Last year I bought plants from you, one being a stevia. I received no instructions on how to grow this plant so I have been trying to keep it alive. Now that I have a computer I hope I can get some info on what to do with this plant. How big will it get and do I prune it?

The plant will get 40 to 100 centimeters tall. You can prune it lightly for use as sweetener.

Do I fertilize it, etc.?

Yes, fertilize once a month with an organic fertilizer. Plant it in a rich, black, sandy and moist or muck soil.

If this plant is from South America, what temperature does it do best in?

It likes warm temperatures at all times otherwise it will go dormant and may even die while dormant. Long days will prevent dormancy.

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