Queen Anne’s Lace Cultivation
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Brian Crellin
Posted on: March 2, 1999

Could you please provide cultivation information on Queen Anne’s Lace including all aspects from germination procedures to transplanting , harvesting time , medicinal properties , disease concerns, soil preferences etc.

Queen Anne’s lace is winterhardy in zones 3 to 10. It likes rich, well-drained, alkaline soil and grows in sun to half shade. To store , keep seeds at room temperature. Sow seeds 3 weeks before the last frost date for your area. Just press into soil, but do not bury. To help with weed control for seed production, one of our references recommends digging the roots in the fall and keeping them over the winter at 0 degrees Celsius and 90 to 95% humidity. Space roots 40 by 3 centimeters for seed production in the field. Yields can be anywhere from 3000 to 63,000 kilograms of fresh roots per hectare or 200 to 1200 kilograms of seed in year two.

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