Ground Covers for Sun and Shade
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Khari
Posted on: March 17, 1999

I would like a ground cover for an area that is mostly sun but is shaded at one end (a small lawn with trees and a tall wall along the west side) I know thyme needs lots of sun and the sweet woodruff is good in shade. My question is can I plant them both (thyme in the sunny spot and woodruff in the shade) and let them sort themselves out? The space is very small so I don’t want to put grasses in.

I think you are wise not to put grass into a small area, as it will require mowing – not worthwhile in a small area. As long as your thyme is low, it will not look unattractive to have the two ground covers merge a bit in the semi-shaded area.

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