Apothecary Rose, Sweet Briar Rose, Dog Rose
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Frances Schofield
Posted on: March 18, 1999

Last spring I ordered and planted the above Roses. They are all doing well, but I planted them in the same bed approximately two feet apart. Will this be harmful for them to be so close to each other? The roots were placed away from each other in different directions. Should I prune so that the plants never touch? Also can I trellis them to grow up away from each other? Will they climb or are they bush plants only?

The close planting will not really harm the two plants on the end, but might stunt the one in the middle. Pruning the other two so as to discourage the branches fronm smothering the middle one would be a help. But why don’t you move the middle one elsewhere before it gets too big and then they will all have more room. Since these roses are not climbing roses but form bushes, the trellis would act as a stake for some shoots, but not much more. The roots will go their own way as soon as new ones are formed and your careful separation will not stay that way past the first season.

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