Chamomile Seeds and Uses
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Larry Earnhardt
Posted on: April 18, 1999

I’m just getting started in growing chamomile and was wondering how I could harvest seeds from my own crop. Also is there a recommended website where I can go to learn different uses for chamomile that comes with instructions for beginner?

There is no website that we know of that has details about chamomile in the way that you are looking for. You need to consult a good book. We suggest you look at Deni Bown’s "Encyclopedia of Herbs & Their Uses" (available from Richters). Of course, the main use is as hot tea which is calming for the nerves and helps to settle the stomach. As such, it is excellent after meals. Chamomile also has antiseptic properties and the tea makes a good skin rinse, especially for fungal skin diseases. Chamomile is also commonly used in hair shampoos for blondes because it leaves the hair with a subtle light look.

To harvest seeds, you need to allow the flowers to mature and go to seed. When the seed heads are brown and dry, you harvest them. Squeezing them causes the seeds to come out. Use a fine screen to separate the seeds from the debris.

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