Shade and Acid Soil Tolerant Herbs
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Chris Peterson
Posted on: April 20, 1999

I have a bare area under colorado blue spruce. The blue spruce drops lots of needles. The soil is very acidic. What will grow under it? The area also has afternoon sun.

The herbs that you might try under the spruce are: aconite, avens, lemon balm, bayberry, bay laurel(zone 8-10), bilberry, bloodroot, blueberry, borage, chicory, sweet cicely, clivers, black cohosh, purple foxglove, hops, common marjoram, mints, patchouli(tropical), pennyroyal(zone 6-9), perilla, periwinkle, pokeroot, sassafras, strawberries, tormentil, turtlehead, wintergreen, sweet woodruff.

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