Bay Seedling Root Tips Turning Brown
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: [Name Not Legible]
Posted on: May 10, 1999

I have purchased a package of bay seed from you. There were eight berries which seemedabout to germinate when I received them. I planted them one week ago and not one has come up. I thought it could help to dig them out to check. I found that some of them had grown but the tip of the root had turned dark. I am not sure if this is normal or if this means that the seeds died. How long does the germinating seed generally take to come out of the soil.

In our last seed germination test, the seeds took 12 days to come up and 40% of the seeds planted, germinated. However some of our skillful customers reported an 80% germination rate.

The dark root tip could mean that the seed got injured in transit, but I would advise patience as several others may yet come up. We have found that they come up best if days are around 27 degrees Celsius.

If no seedlings live to grow normally after 4 weeks, advise Richters Customer Service ( for a replacement or credit refund.

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