Osha Care
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Hannah Avarraschild
Posted on: May 23, 1999

I placed osha plant seeds in a small flat wrapped with a plastic back and put it in my refridgerator last November. I have been checking every couple of weeks and last night I found that one had germinated. What I plan to do with it is to move it into my plant room out of the direct light for a couple of weeks and then outside. Is that the correct thing to do?

It would be better if you gradually exposed the plant to more and more light, so that the move to the much brighter conditions outside does not burn it.

Once I move it outside what kind of sun and soil does osha prefer?

Gradually over at least two weeks move the plantlet into full sun or shade it with newspapers and only gradually remove the shading. Keep the plantlet barely moist - never soggy wet.

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