Cat Repellers
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Debra Torgenson
Posted on: June 25, 1999

I am very attached to my medicinal and vegetable gardens and committed to keeping them as organic as possible. There is a cat, which I cannot seem to catch in the act, using my gardens as a litter box. I have a fence. I have blocked holes. I have put sticks around the garden. I have laid loose objects teetering on top of the fence (to hopefully fall with any movement). I’ve sprinkled cayenne pepper around the edges. I’m going crazy. He has demolished many seedlings with dirt mounds.

Do you know of any herbs that repel cats? (Possibly the complete opposite of catnip?)

Rue is said to repel cats, but I suspect it only repels SOME cats!. I suggest you lay one inch chickenwire on top of the ground and plant the seeds or seedlings through it. It worked really well for me! Also if you leave some soil free for the cat to do its business in the rest of the garden won’t be so tempting. You will have to change the area fairly frequently, because some cats won’t use the same spot twice.

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