Hops Slow to Recover from Shipping
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: John Kershaw
Posted on: June 30, 1999

I recieved an order of hops from you about a month ago and have a question.

The Cascade hops plants arrived with no leaves. I have tried to revive the plants, but they have not responded. The other 3 varieties are doing great! The Cascade have neither grown new leaves nor put out any new shoots. Do you have any suggestions for me, The stems still appear green and succulent, but there is no growth whereas the others have grown at least 1 foot and put out several new shoots.

As long as the shoots remain green there is plenty of hope. I suspect these plants dried out in transit and lost some roots as a result. Keep the pots or the spot where you planted them quite wet and the chances are very good that they will eventually start growing leaves again-after they have made new roots. The plants like rich,very moist to wet, humus-rich soil.

If the plant does not respond in the next 4 weeks, please let us know.

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