Corsican Mint and Orange Spice Thyme Culture
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Vivian Rebeiro
Posted on: July 5, 1999

I would appreciate information on the care of your orange spice thyme plant and also a Corsican mint. Both seem to grow very slowly, but they appear healthy. How should I fertilize, water and care for them? I have them in 1/2 shade in a little pot. Should I bring them into the garage, or indoors for the winter (Mississauga, Ont.) ?

Both plants will have to be wintered indoors in the zone 5 -6 climate of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Once the roots come out of the bottom of the pots, the plants should be transplanted into larger containers with good tropical plant soil. With a larger reservoir of nutrients found in a larger pot, the plants will grow faster. Keep them evenly moist and especially the Corsican mint must never dry out. With every second watering adding a bit of manure tea or organic fertilizer to the water should help the plants to grow more rapidly. This is especially important while the plants are in a too small pot.

Gradually expose the plants to more sun, until they are in full sun. Both can tolerate partial shade, but will grow much sturdier in full sun.

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