Aconite Culture
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Linda Stuart
Posted on: July 12, 1999

I recently purchased two aconite plants from you and both of the plant tops have died. (One plant top was broken in shipment, by the way.) I planted them in a loamy soil in the shade and watered them daily, but could not save the tops, which seemed to be turning brown from the time I opened the box. However, I have never tried growing this plant and don’t really know what to expect. Is this normal procedure? Could the roots still be viable?

Aconite likes deep, moist, rich, acid (pH 5-6) soil in sun to shade.

The roots just might be still alive.

I suspect that your water might be a problem. If it is typical municipal water then its pH has been raised to about 8 to keep the chlorine in solution. If it is well- water it probably is rather hard water and possibly alkaline as well. I would suggest watering the plant thoroughly with rain water or deionized or distilled water and certainly do not use any chemically softened water on it- it will kill it very quickly.

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