Transplanting Eucalyptus
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Gayla Kelbell
Posted on: July 12, 1999

One of the two Eucalyptus arrived in a very wilted condition and I am "babying" it along.

I have a question about the transplant planting depth of the Eucalyptus.

They have a brown woody area about an inch above the soil level. Am I supposed to replant them at the depth they now are or at the top of this brown area?

In general, whenever you transplant anything, make sure it is planted at the same level it was in the old container or location.

There are some exceptions- one that comes to mind is grafted plants, that would root well on their own roots such as roses- if the graft is not too high up. If you can get the plant to produce some roots from its own wood, the plant is more likely to be long lived. In a severe winter, it might die down to soil level, but will sprout again from the roots in spring. If the graft was above ground, then what resprouts would be the wild rootstock.

With eucalyptus, try to avoid disturbing the roots, since the plants do not do well after root disturbance. It is best to just pot on. this means that the plant is put into the next size larger pot, by just lifting it soil and all out of the old container and filling in around the rootball with fresh soil.

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