Honesty Culture
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Dragon Kadota .
Posted on: July 12, 1999

My four plants of the herb Honesty are not doing well. The leaves are shriveling and are not growing any more. They have been growing for about a month. I wondered if you had any tips or advice to improve their condition.

Honesty likes well-drained soil with clay and humus. It seems to do best in moist soil, but tolerates anything from full sun to half shade.

In some areas the summer of 1999 has brought a lot of drought and honesty does not do well then, especially if it also grown in full sun. Keep it well watered, add a little very dilute manure tea to the plants water every third watering or so and I think they will resume growing. However, since the plant is usually biennial, it won’t grow too much the first year. It will bolt to bloom next spring.

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