Tribulus terrestris Culture
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Ross Taheri
Posted on: July 29, 1999

I have been having a hard time trying to grow Tribulus terrestris from the seeds I bought from Richters. Either nothing will grow after planting or the very few that do come out are so weak that they die very soon after. Could you inform me as to what kind of conditions suit this plant best: wet or dry?; more or less sunlight?; what kind of soil? Should I soak the seeds in water for couple of days before planting? How long after it grows will it be ready for harvest and what parts of the plants are medicinal?

The books we used to answer your question disagree on the conditions the plant likes best. One says the plant likes well-drained, sandy, moist soils, while the other says they grow in disturbed, dry, gravelly soil. The implication is that such a site would have full sun. During germination I am sure the soil has to be moist, but later it probably becomes rather dry.

The fruits are the medicinal part and would be formed in the fall.

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