Sage Problem
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Walter Menge
Posted on: August 6, 1999

The lower leaves on my Russian sage and diviners sage are turning brown and falling off. I live in the deep south. Is there any hope for my plants?

Russian sage is rated for zones 5 to 9, while diviners sage is a tropical plant. You might be in zone 10 and are therefore giving Russian sage trouble with the heat. I am sure it will pick up as soon as temperatures moderate in the fall. Diviners sage likes high humidity and shade. Are conditions too bright and dry for it? It is intolerant of drought and might have had trouble with this and therefore lost a lot of roots. Its reaction would be dropping old leaves to reduce transpiration stress. Shade it and keep it quite moist and I think it will recover.

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