Hops Flowering and Pruning
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Sue Gilmore
Posted on: September 21, 1999

Last spring I ordered Cascade and Mount Hood hops. Do they flower? Do I cut them back and if so how low and when. They are growing very well.

The plants were grown from cuttings and you may have to be patient for a year or two before they will bloom - with green papery little cones. For the first year it would be better if you do not cut it in any way. The plant needs all the strength it can gain to build a strong root system. After the plants are flowering and have several shoots, you can cut them back every late fall to about a foot above ground level - or if the plant is very strong and you prefer it to be a bit less vigorous, then cut it down to ground level in the fall. That is what happens to commercial plantings. The cones are harvested from the cut growth in late summer in long season areas and in late fall in short season areas.

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