Lesbos Basil Overwintering Indoors
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Margaret Tsiptsis
Posted on: October 26, 1999

I bought a lesbos basil plant a few months ago and it has grown very well in a container. I would like to over winter it inside as I am very fond of it. Should I cut it back, grow under lights? I realize it is an annual but I am hoping I can keep it alive.

You should be able to keep the plant alive for a while longer by bringing it indoors before temperatures approach the freezing point. Nipping out any blooms will lengthen the life of the plant. Good light and a high nitrogen fertilizer will help too, but eventually the genetics of the plant will triumph and the plant will peter out.

Under light culture will probably be a good idea, since you can give the plant better light there than on a windowsill in a northern latitude.

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