Hops Culture In Newfoundland
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Jane Jesseau
Posted on: December 4, 1999

I have a few questions regarding Hops. Do you have seed? Can you inform me of the best soil and growing conditions? Would hops grow well in Western Newfoundland, Canada?

Richters carries hops seed, but as in any seed grown plant, the plants will have varying characteristics and about half will be male(ie produce no hops, but only pollen bearing structures) and the rest will be female and will eventually produce the papery cone-like strobules used for beer making and for medicinal use.

If you want predictable fruits, with known flavour and acidity, purchase one or more of our named female plants. These plants are triploid and will not produce seed, just the fruiting structures. Therefore they will be more vigorous, since none of the strength is used up in making seed.

Hops like moist well-drained soil and if you want them to fruit, you must grow them north of the 34 th latitude. They do best in full sun, but will survive in partial shade as well. They need some support such as a fence, trellis or poles to climb up on. They are hardy in zones 3 to 8.

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