Rose for Skin Care
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Merri
Posted on: February 23, 2000

I have many different roses in my gardens, but would like to grow some specifically for use in oil infusions to use in my homemade skin care balms and lotions. Can you recommend the best type of rose to grow for this purpose? I’m in Hamilton, Ontario, and I have available garden space with a south-west exposure, full sun, and also a spot against a fence with a south east exposure, partial shade in the afternoon.

All roses may be used for skin care products. The best are the old-fashioned roses, which have the strongest perfume. Some of the stronger scents that are use for fragrant oils are the Damask and Gallica type roses. Some varieties of these types, with the strongest scents, that are available from Richters catalogue are: Apothecary Rose, Kazanlik, Leda, Mme. Hardy, and Rose de Rescht. These are hardy in zones 4 - 9.

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