‘Purple Waffle’ Plant ..S.O.S.
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Cheryl Callistini
Posted on: March 8, 2000

I have a concern with my ‘Purple Waffle’ plant that now appears sick. Without sounding like a ‘Dear Abbey’ story, I simply would appreciate any advice on care for this particular plant. A year ago it was blooming and absorbing lots of water, recently under the same care its droopy losing its leaves and doesn’t respond. Attempts I have made are replanting, fertilizing (fish fertilizer) and relocating from indirect light to less indirect light. Do you have recomondations for possible revival and care for this type of plant?

I presume you are referring to Purple Ruffles basil. It is an annual and no matter what you do eventually it is going to decide that a year must really be up by now and it is going to die.

The other reason for the problem could be a fungus infection (Fusarium) and that will show up as a blackening of the stem starting from the base and the death of the plant as the water carring tubes inside the stem become clogged by the fungus. If this seems to be the case throw out the plant pot and all and next year stick to Nufar basil as some spores of the fungus may still be in your environment. Nufar is the only fusarium resistant basil.

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