Egyptian Onion Culture and Harvest
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Lynne Beebe
Posted on: May 11, 2000

last year I planted the egyptian onion. I did nothing with it. Now it is beautiful with several bulbs at the base. What am I to do to take care of it? I have checked the catalogue but it does not tell me enough.

Now that the plant is in growth, you should possibly fertilize it with an organic fertilizer and mulch the soil around it to preserve moisture, keep down weeds and moderate extremes of soil temperature. In late summer you will find that the plant has flowered and is producing bulbils on the flower stem. When the stem starts to turn yellow, dig up the whole plant, replant the separated flower stem bulbils and use the bottom bulbs for cooking - they will be much larger than the flower stem bulbils and therefore more useful.

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