Planting Asiatic Ginseng in September in Northeastern New York State
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Beth Gundlach
Posted on: September 20, 2000

I want to purchase a couple of packets of Asiatic Ginseng seeds to plant this fall, but I’m affraid it’s too late to start them this year. The beds I’m using are well protected from wind and get a moderate sun/shade all day. I’m located in northeastern New York, generally considered zone 4 in most of the nursery/seed catalogues that I buy from. I could use some sound advice. Thanks.

Your loyal & satisfied customer.

September is not too late at all. In fact, the seeds need to go through another freezing period this coming winter so it really doesn’t matter if you seed in August, September or October. As long as the ground is not too hard that you can’t plant is okay for planting.

We supply stratified asiatic ginseng seeds (Panax ginseng) that has already gone through a season of conditioning in cool, wet conditions. The coming winter will provide the necessary final treatment to initiate germination.

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