Stevia Seed & Growing
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Lee McClune
Posted on: April 12, 2001

Your greenhouse and store sounds like an exciting place to visit, I hope to do so this summer.

Question: How many stevia seeds is there per gram (approx)?

There are approximately 2500 seeds per gram.

Do you have info sheets on how best to start and grow the plant, and what is the northern most temp zone it can be grown in?

No, we don’t have a detailed info sheet on starting and growing stevia. But there is some useful information on the "Resources for Growers" section of our website at

Stevia is a tender perennial from South America, but it can be grown as an annual crop in temperate zones. In fact, stevia does better in more northerly zones where the summer days are longer because the sweet agents, the steviasides, accumulate in proportion with the hours of sunlight the plants get.

Also looking for ‘prairie chordgrass’ seed?

Sorry, we do not carry this seed.

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