Planting Scheme for 24 Varieties
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Brian Blasi
Posted on: April 20, 2001

I have a question that I couldn’t find the answer to in your data base, so, here it is. I have an area for experimentation to grow a variety of herbs, each species being designated a 3 foot by 5 foot bed, with the capacity of 24 different varieties. I’m aware of the need to provide each species the optimum growing elements but I presently do not have all the info necessary to design. Our preference would be to target annuals (all 24 beds) for this project and we’re in need of a few influencing factors.

1.) %germination (per seed variety). 2.) spacing (with-in each varieties’ bed). 3.) potential plant height. 4.) prefered soil/sunlight.

All of these factors are listed on the seed packets though I’m experiencing much difficulty finding such info elsewhere. I have verified some of the necessary data though it’s scattered at best. Could you refer me to a master’s manual or could you answer the above questions toward these varieties listed below?

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng or Withania) *withania somnifera* Anise *pimpinella anisum* Sweet Basil *ocimum basilicum* Borage *borago officinalis* Calendula (Marigold) *calendula officinalis* Chervil *anthriscus cerefolium* Cnidium (She Chuang) *cnidium monnieri* Eclipta *eclipta alba* Epazote (Wormseed) *chenopodium ambrosioides* Eyebright *euphrasia officinalis* LaceFlower (Bishop’s Weed) *ammi majus* Lobelia *lobelia inflata* Motherwort *leonurus cardiaca* Mullein *verbascum thapsus* California Poppy *eschscholzia californica* Safflower (Hong Hua) *carthamus tinctorius* Guar Gum *cyanopsis tetragonoloba* Purslane *portulaca oleracea* Blessed Thistle *cnicus benedictus* Yucca *yucca glavca* Stone Root *collinsonia canadenses*

Most of this information can be found in the "Richters InfoCentre". Go to our website at and then go to "Richters Herb Growing Infobase" in the "Richters InfoCentre" area. When searching use short versions of the name such as "thistle" instead of "blessed thistle" otherwise your search may miss a lot. The Infobase does not have germination percentages but it does have germination ratings.

We do not offer eyebright or guar gum in seed or plant form. The others are all available.

This is a total of 21 varieties with a 24 bed capacity, which leaves 3 beds open for suggestion. Our focus is the medicinal market and we’re happy to take your in-put for candidates (annuals). I’m to make an immediate order (seed) once this information is gathered.

You may to wish to try red clover, chamomile, feverfew (grown as an annual), senna, and flax.

Thanx much, I’ve searched extensively for the best seed company and this is how I arrived at your operation.

We are glad we were able to help.

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