Buggy Columbines
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Renessa Bak
Posted on: May 28, 2001

All our columbines (only the columbines) are being eaten up by some bug. . . is there any particular way to best treat them?

The first step is to identify the pest. Without knowing more about the bug that is bothering your plants, or the damage that it is causing, we cannot advise much. By "eaten up" you could mean that sections of the leaves are eaten away leaving holes. Or you could mean the damage of leafminers: white or yellow markings as they bore through the leaves (in a random trajectory in the plane of the leaf). I am assuming that you do not see the culprits causing the damage; but you might see the tell-tale slime marks of slugs which could be inflicting nocturnal damage.

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