Curry Leaf Tree Requirements
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Bill Caudle
Posted on: July 15, 2001

I was recently given a curry leaf tree (5 cm tall) Murraya koenigii as a Father’s Day gift. The pot has your name tag on it.

How do I care for it? What fertilizer should I use? The internet suggests 20-10-20, do you carry this item? How soon will it take to grow to a size I can start to harvest some of the leaves? Is there any thing special I should know or be doing?

Curryleaf is a native of southern India where it gets heat and strong light. It is small tree or shrub. In our greenhouses it has reached about one meter (4 feet) in a 10 inch pot.

It needs full sun, moist conditions, and warmth, no less than 15 degrees Celsius at night and preferably 25-30 degrees during the day. During the warm summer months it is a good idea to move it outdoors to take advantage of the sunlight. It benefits from occasional feeding with any fertilizer with balanced nutrients or with higher nitrogen.

Aside from the light and warmth requirements, you need to watch for spider mites which seem to love this plant. Careful vigilence is essential, and regular treatment with insecticidal soap that reaches the undersides of the leaves is necessary.

Under ideal conditions it will take 3-4 years to reach a size at which you will be able to harvest fresh leaves.

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