Bringing Lemon Verbena Indoors
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Margaret Ortiz
Posted on: October 30, 2001

I have a question regarding my lemon verbena plants. I live in Wisconsin, USA and this past spring purchased two lemon verbenas. I put them in pots and kept them out on the patio for the summer. I have them indoors now and the leaves are slowly falling off from the bottom of the stem up. The top foilage seems very healthy, in fact one of the plants looks like it is about to bloom. Do you know what may be wrong with them - or what I can do about it. Before I brought them in, I gradually introduced them to part shade and then full shade, they are now in a large window with southern exposure.

Your indoor conditions appear to be much drier than the outdoor conditions had been and as a result the root system of the plant cannot keep up with transpiration and the plant is therefore dropping older leaves to prevent dehydration. You will find that as long as you don’t let the planbt dry out or keep it too dark, it will regrow lots of new leaves once the root system has enlarged. It makes a handsome indoor plant in a sunny window. To make it bush out further down on the stem, nip out the growing tip.

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