White Flies and Insecticidal Soap
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Susana
Posted on: January 9, 2002

I have six large indoor plants, some tropical ones, some as tall as 5 feet. How much of your pesticide soap product should I use? Can you over dose a plant on the stuff? I saw another web site that recommended destroying my old and beautiful plants. I can’t handle the thought of it. Help!!

Use just enough to wet both top and bottom of the leaves to the point of run-off. Don’t allow more than a bit of run-off, because too much of the soap in the potting soil might make it too alkaline for the plant and it could suffer, or if really fussy, die. Repeat the spray every three days for three or more treatments. You might want to soak the soil in between with distilled or rain water to leach out any excess soap.

You could also use neem oil at the rate of one teaspoon plus half a teaspoon of dish wash detergent per liter of water. Repeat sprays with this product once a week for three weeks or more if needed. Since I used neem oil on my hibiscus (they attract every bug) we have not had any more bug infestations. Only scale insects take more treatments and diligence, since the adults are protected by a waxy shield.

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