Chamomile Tea as a Fungicide
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Suzie Heartland
Posted on: January 30, 2002

I just read (on your web site and under the seeding seminar) that a brew of chamomile tea can be used to treat damping off.

My further questions:

1/ When I initially seed is it o.k. to gently spray the tray with this as a preventative measure? (This will be my first attempt at seeding indoors so I don’t know that I would immediately recognize the damping off, in time, were it to begin. I have read it can destroy a flat of seeds quite quickly.) I will be using heat mats and full spectrum grow lights.

Using a preventative spray is a good idea. Your set-up will be good for strong plant growth and strong plants are less likely to get attacked, bacause they will be of a harder growth and harder to penetrate by a fungus.

2/ Would it be your ‘German Chamomile’ (standard) cut flower ($6.00 / 25g) that I should order to make the tea or one of the other dried chamomiles you sell?

Any of the chamomiles we currently offer have this anti-microbial action. Take your pick!

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