Potting Up Plugs of Orange Mint and Lavender Angustifolia
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Christine Brim
Posted on: February 7, 2002

We’re ordering plug trays (1 each) for orange mint and lavender angustifolia. If I put these in 3" pots in a soil-less medium, can I grow them under fluorescent lights in my garage in Virginia, USA for another month before setting in the ground? We’re in the 7a zone, and I believe you send these plugs around April/May. Garage temp will be from 50 to 70 degrees F, depending on weather. Would the major issue be humidity, and can I get around that by spraying a couple times a day, with foliar feeding? This is for landscaping at a home, not sale.

The major issue will be light. Most home fluorescent light setups just don’t have the light output that you need to grow good herbs indoors, especially if there is no additional natural light from a close by window. You will probably be able to keep them going, but unless you have a higher light output with perhaps a pair of four bulb fixtures placed within 25 cm (10 inches) of the plants, they will likely become leggy and a little less hardy be the time you are ready to plant outdoors.

What are my chances of putting orange mint plugs directly in the ground, in a raised bed covered with clear plastic sheeting – better to start in pots?

Orange mint is a vigourous grower and would have no problem surviving direct planting in the garden. By all means consider this option if you can.

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