Lavender for a North Window
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kim Skavinsky
Posted on: February 12, 2002

I am wondering if there is a lavender that will grow successfully indoors. I have a north window where I would like have some lavender. I have never had it indoors and was told that it doesn’t do well inside.

If you want to grow lavender on a north window you will have to invest in double light fluorescent light fixture to mount above the plants. Lavenders are high light plants and a north window in the northern hemisphere gets as good as no direct light during the winter. The light fixture will also produce some heat during the day and produce a bigger difference between day and night temperatures- something that lavender will appreciate. Keep the room you grow it in cooler in the winter, at about 10 degrees Celsius would be best for most lavenders. Also selecting a less winter hardy variety will give you a plant that is less affected by warmer indoor temperatures. If you can summer it out of doors in the summer, you would give it a good vacation from the less than ideal indoor conditions.

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