Groundcovers for Heavy Soil
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Colleen Littlechild
Posted on: April 26, 2002

I have just started gardening and need some help. Our soil is heavy clay and poor drainage. I would like to find a low and hardy ground cover to keep the mud under control. I will also be putting slate walkways with the ground covers to get to specific areas such as the vegetable garden or the flower gardens.

This would be a fairly large area and I would be ordering bulk seed.

If you want something more exciting than poorly growing grass, you will have to add sand and humus to your soil to get better drainage and allow oxygen to get to the roots. For the sand I would recommend sharp building sand. For the humus any well-rotted compost will do well, but if the material you use is saw dust, make sure you also add well-rotted manure since saw dust depletes the soil of nitrogen.

To get a list of suggestions for ground covers go to our web-site at . Under the "Q&A" heading in the "News & Info" section of the site, click on "Search Question & Answers" and type in"groundcover", to find the topics that sound as if they would answer your question.

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