Bloodflower (Asclepias curassavica) – Days to Germinate
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Kim
Posted on: May 3, 2002

Could you please tell me the approximate germination time for the bloodflower? I ordered two packets of seeds, planted them, and after two weeks, nothing has sprouted yet. I sowed them indoors, following the directions on the packet.

Bloodflower seeds can take as few as 10 days and as long as 29 days to begin germination, but most often they start to germinate between 2 to 3 weeks.

They should begin to germinate any day, provided they are not planted too deep and provided proper conditions for germination are provided. If you don’t get germination, contact our customer service department for a replacement ( to try again.

Thank-you for the information. Of course, one bloodflower sprouted right after I received your reply. Now I have 17 out of one package and will be expecting more. Also, I planted exactly 22 from my second package and am still waiting for the first sprout. It will be interesting to see how many decide to show themselves. Thanks!

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